Fake repo men busted by would-be victim

If you saw a couple guys hooking a car up to a tow truck, you probably wouldn't think a thing of it.

A couple of would-be Albuquerque car thieves seem to be counting on people believing they're just hard at work.

Albuquerque citizen Matthew Torres caught a tow truck crew hooking up his Jeep in broad daylight Saturday. When he confronted them, they said his car was being repossessed.
But nothing was adding up. "Something's not right here," said Torres, who snapped pictures of the crew hooking up. "The tow truck was backed up to the Jeep."
Talk about your stomach jumping into your throat. Matthew Torres looked over the balcony of his Albuquerque apartment Saturday afternoon -- and saw two men hooking up chains to his Jeep Wrangler in the complex parking lot.

"The first thing that came to mind was, they're mistaken," he said.
Two guys and a tow truck tried to the tricked-out off-road Jeep, insisting they had a repossession order. "Who do I owe money to?" Torres remembered wracking his brain for the answer. "In fact, I'm like a couple hundred dollars from paying it off."
Nothing else about the men made any sense either.
"Little things they were doing just didn't add up," said Torres.
For one, Torres could tell the truck backed to the front of his Jeep wasn't even equipped to tow it and one of the guys was inside his car.
"I came around and I saw the steering column was busted,” he said. “So right away I knew, OK, they're trying to steal my vehicle."
That's when Torres called police. The tow truck guys were not pleased.
The guys ended up leaving Torres something. They left in such a hurry, they actually forgot their tool bag, including a power drill.
Helpful stuff when APD arrived to dust for prints. Officers told Torres, it's far from the first report of the fake repo men, and cops are looking for them.
"It's the perfect front," said Torres. "No one's going to question a tow truck picking up a vehicle."

But APD says you should question it if things don't seem right. If you see a suspicious tow crew, these guys appear to be actively running this tow truck scam.
The department says they need your help. Call those tips into Crime Stoppers -- 843-STOP.