Illinois Repo Agent Charged with Battery

A Chicago, Ill., repo agent was charged with aggravated battery of a homeless woman after he and an unidentified cohort injured the woman while trying to repossess the Honda she was sleeping in, prosecutors said.

Rafael DeJesus, 30, is charged with aggravated battery and vehicular hijacking.

Prosecutors said that a 22-year-old homeless woman was sleeping in her car when a bright light appeared in the window of her 2003 red Honda Civic. A man holding a flashlight identified himself as the "repo man" and pressed a document against the window.

The woman attempted to drive away, and the repo agent jumped back into his tow truck and pursued her. The tow truck came toward her car and crashed into it, trapping her.

The woman was collecting her belongings outside of the car when another man hit her, fracturing her spine, prosecutors said.

One of the men got back in the tow truck while the other got in the driver's seat of the woman's car, and both drove away, prosecutors said. The woman was taken to a hospital.

DeJesus was arrested, charged and ordered held on $200,000 bail.