Repossession Of A Chevrolet Camaro Goes Awry, Owner Jailed

Repossession Of A Chevrolet Camaro Goes Awry, Owner Jailed

According to reports, Sean Monroe of Jefferson County, Alabama was arrested for allegedly holding up a repossession agent in an attempt to get his Chevrolet Camaro back.

Chief Deputy Randy Christian stated that Jefferson had held the repo agent at gun point, demanding that he drop the Camaro. Following the demands, the repo agent dropped the car off in the middle of a roadway, causing an accident to occur when an oncoming FedEx truck traveling on Minor Parkway struck the Chevrolet sports car. Officers responded to the report at around 12:30 AM local time on December 2nd.

While officers were at the scene of the incident, they were informed of the robbery and saw that a man matching the description of the suspect was also at the scene, as the registered owner of the Camaro, Monroe was then positively identified as the man who had committed the robbery.

The repo agent had gone to the Center Point Substation to report the robbery, which is how law enforcement was able to identify and arrest Monroe. The identity of the repossession agent was not released in the reports. They told law enforcement that he had successfully picked up the Camaro and was driving along Minor Parkway when he was force to stop by a car that pulled in front of him and blocked his path. Deputy Christian told the press that in the report it states that a “black male suspect got out of the car, pointed a gun at him [the victim] and told him to ‘drop the car’.” The repossession agent then left the Camaro sitting in the road and drove off, with the suspect following him for a short distance. It was after this point that the agent went to the station to make the report.

Monroe faces a charge of first-degree robbery, and is currently being kept in the Jefferson County Jail with bond set at $25,000. The way the news report was written and Deputy Christian’s remark that, “If he wanted the car that bad you would think he would just pay the payments,” would lead one to believe that Monroe has already been proven guilty. Interestingly enough, a friend of his left a comment on the site where this news report was published, adding some more pieces to the puzzle.

Apparently, Monroe is a well-known hair-stylist in the Birmingham area. We’ve inserted a portion of the friend’s comment below;

Second he can pay his car note because he drives a 2015 Mercedes. He bought the car for someone else in his name who didn’t have credit to get one on their own. He had only recently learned himself that the person had not been making the payments. So he then took the car back in his possession to catch up the payments when this happens. He DID NOT HAVE A GUN !!! So someone asked the question why the repo agent didn’t have a gun, well I ask why didn’t he have a cell phone to call the police instead of driving all the way to the other side of town to make a report.

The comment also goes on to say that the repo agent had “dropped the car in the middle of a busy intersection” after Monroe had shown him receipt for payment, and Monroe then followed the agent to tell him to bring the Camaro back to his home. Monroe gives up on this, and returns to the Camaro, where he is arrested and detained. Reality TV can’t top this one.