'Shopping' dad issued citation after car repossessed with baby inside

The father of a 1-year-old boy thought he'd lost his vehicle and son outside of a north San Antonio grocery store. He was partially correct.

San Antonio police found Matthew Hallam's SUV and son at a tow yard. The vehicle had been repossessed from the 6800 block of San Pedro Avenue around 10:30 Tuesday night, with his sleeping baby inside.

"The investigation revealed that the vehicle was not stolen but repossessed," said Sgt. William Rohn with the San Antonio Police Department.

Hallam reportedly left the boy unattended to go inside of HEB. Investigators said when he came back outside his son and vehicle had vanished.

Police said the repo man didn't realize he had the boy in tow. The vehicle, apparently, looked lived in. "He had many items in the back so he [the repo man] was unable to see," said Sgt. Rohn.

A preliminary police report says the 35-year-old father's vehicle had heavily tinted back windows. The report also states Hallam had a lot clothing around his son making it hard to see the child.

The boy was found at a tow yard in the 300 block of Recoleta, and turned over to his mother.

Hallam was issued a citation for leaving a child in an unattended vehicle. Sgt. Rohn did not expect the repossession agent to be criminally charged.